From $50

Hotel Parador

Air Conditioning

Chambre single 394.00 Dh
Chambre double 526.00 Dh
Chambre triple 681.00 Dh
Suite Normal 800.00 Dh
Suite Royal 1500.00 Dh

Address: Place El Makhzinz No.3, Chefchaouen - Morocco

Phone: 05 39 98 61 36
05 39 98 63 24
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

Hotel Parador is among the nicest and largest Hotels in Chefchaouen. Offering a swimming pool, air conditioning, and free Wifi, it has full amenities like any major hotel including a bar, restaurant, conference room and a beautiful patio. The staff are curteous and helpful, and the hotel feels safe and quiet. Plenty of Parking is available in the lot out front. All of that aside, the lobby was clearly decorated in the 1980s, and seems a little worn.

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