From $10

Hotel Bonsai

Double: 80
Triple: 120
4 Person: 160
5 Person: 200

Address: 12, Rue Sidi Srifi. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Phone:05 39 98 69 80

Hotel Bonsai has been in the business for a long time, offering discount rooms and suites. Bathrooms are shared by guests, though 2 rooms do have en-suite bathrooms. She shared bathrooms are mixed with one western style toilet and one squatty-style toilet. Instead of a roof terrace the Hotel Bonsai has a front patio with tables to sit at and drink tea from the cafe. Shade from trees out from actually makes this a cool place in the summer heat. When asked why he chose the name, the owner replied in arabic “it’s small, and it does not grow big”.

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