From $35

Hotel Molino Jardin

Air Conditioning Available WiFi

Double W/ shower: 300
Double w/o Shower: 250
Triple w/o shower: 350

Address: Plaza Sebanin, Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Telephone: 05 39 98 74 23
* For International calls use country code +212 without the leading 0

Hotel Molino Jardin lives up to it’s name as a peaceful garden hotel. The garden is really beautiful, quiet and peaceful with a pond andĀ fountain, and many palms and flowers. A great place for long leisurely breakfasts on the patio, or to sit and read a book. The resident pet cat is very friendly, but could be a problem if you have cat allergies. A small inside common room is also available with WIFI and a PC made available to guests. Hotel Molino has a neat ethnic feel to it, with an unusual stonework lobby and lots of custom built features.


  1. J from tangier

    I have been to this hotel twice. The first time, I really enjoyed the garden and drinking tea on the patio, though the surly teenager at the front desk was not my favorite. I returned recently with my wife, and was shocked to find the clerk on duty smoking marajuana with a guest in the common area and ignoring me at the desk, I had called my reservation ahead, so it could not have been a surprise. Also, in the year since my last visit both of the bathrooms available to guests have become unacceptably gross and run down, one had no soap, and the other had to way to close the door. So much potential in the beautiful place, sad to see it effected by neglect

    • Torben Holleufer

      This is not typical for The Molino Hotel. When you were there the owner of the hotel was lying terminally ill downstairs and much focus was on that. He passed yesterday, but the hotel of course will be back attending to every need of guests.
      Focus on the garden and location. On the spiritual vibe of the place. The unusual and very cosy place. It is a truly unique place.
      I am a journalist and have stayed at the hotel a number of times. Steve is gone, he was the creator of the garden, but his spirit will remain. So do come back for another visit at the Hotel Molino.

  2. I Know the owner personally ” Steve”, and he has passed and it has heavy on our hearts in Jamaica
    His life was to have a place of healing where food was food for health of the body.
    He was a healer
    A lovely person and the hotel showed that.
    It is a work in process a dream
    If you’re looking for a hyatt don’t go.
    But if you’re looking for romance, delighted by the people and the food, you will enjoy the peaceful gardens

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