A walk in Chefchaouen

A walk in Chefchaouen

The cobbled streets and curved, almost Dr. Seuss-like melted blue walls of Chefchaouen bring visitors into a whole new side of Morocco.  Remarkably clean compared with many other tourist cities in Morocco, Chefchaouen, or Chaouen, as it’s often called, is a small town tucked away in the Rif Mountains.  Don’t forget to look up as you navigate through the twisty streets of the old medina so you don’t miss the vaulting views of the mountains just outside the old city walls.

Once you enter the old medina, meander through the blue streets and alleyways and enjoy the unique shops that feature brightly colored textiles unique to Chaouen.  Don’t worry about getting lost; just keep heading up.  And if you do end up losing your way, most people are happy to point you in the direction of a hotel or back on the main drag.  Scattered throughout the medina are beautiful open plazas that are full of old mountain women on market days and are often covered with winding grapevines that create a leafy roof in the summer.


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