Hiking in Chefchaouen

Hiking in Chefchaouen

By far the regions most popular hike is the trail to Ackchour, or Akchour, a beautiful waterfall and lagoon. The trail head must be reached by taxi or car. The hike is around 3-5 hours depending on conditions. The trail follows the path of a stream, and there are many slippery crossings, particularly in the winter when the water level is higher. If you want a guided hike (a sure fire way to reach the trail head), just ask at the front desk of your hotel and they can find someone to show you the trail, and potentially also a taxi to the trail head. Here are driving directions for those with a car already. Every now and again, you’ll see wild monkeys in the trees near the trail. They won’t approach people, however. The trail itself can be followed without much trouble, and on a sunny day, there are likely to be dozens of other hikers on the same well worn trail to the waterfall. The only downside to this hike is the growing amount of plastic trash building up along the trails and at the waterfall. CIMG1028CIMG1028

Chefchaouen is located at the edge of a large nature park called “Parc Tallasemtane” which hosts many hikes and a few auberges which can be reached by foot from chefchaouen. You’ll want to purchase a guidebook with good maps before venturing in on your own.

There is also a longer multi-day hiking trail that reaches from Chefchaouen all the way to the coast at Oued Lou, but again you’ll need a decent map or guidebook along with a few days provisions.

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